Despite major scientific advances, purely curative policies aimed at tackling disease cannot ensure the basic health security needs and good quality of life deserved by the world’s ever-growing population. Moreover, the financial costs of treatment-focussed strategies are exponential and unbearable for most countries. Despite the Sustainable Development Goals’ targets on health, nutrition, water and sanitation, adequate access to basic global health will continue to be an unreachable goal for much of the world's population for the foreseeable future.

However, we must try.

World Prevention Alliance

The goal of the World Prevention Alliance is to promote the sustainable development of global public health through global prevention activities, by coordinating programmes and actions and producing the expertise, information and resources required to achieve prevention of diseases, risk factors and life-threatening behaviours, with a focus on developing and emerging countries.

The mission of the Alliance is to reflect, advise, mediate and recommend strategies for public health and prevention policies. The Alliance also delivers opinions on ethical and moral issues that are raised by research in biology, epidemiology, medicine and public health. Prevention programmes and specific, targeted actions are vital to ensuring concrete progress towards global health and are crucial for those who do not have the resources for, or access to, effective treatment.

Specifically, our prevention activities include epidemiological research programmes, the promotion of healthy behaviours and disease awareness, improved sanitation, improved nutrition and an increase in the access to healthcare. Through our international events, we further seek to establish greater policy focus and action in prevention as well as a accrual in private-public collaboration in prevention.

The World Prevention Alliance has a wealth of knowledge in disease prevention and global health issues, encompassing not only medical research, bio-science and technologies, but many other interlinked disciplines such as nutrition, education, sanitation, access to clean drinking water and human development at large.

Thanks to its international network, the World  Prevention Alliance is capable of mobilising distinguished expertise including renowned epidemiologists, physicians, engineers, biostatisticians, oncologists, diabetologists, nutritionists, health economists and public health experts to contribute to the goals of Global Prevention.